RFM Giving Analysis

Since people who donate once are likely to do so again, we recommend you use recency, frequency, and monetary (RFM) analysis of a donor's giving to gauge their likelihood to give.

  • Recency — When did the donor last give to your organization? Those who gave recently are actively engaged and more likely to donate again, while lapsed donors are more difficult to recapture and cultivate.

    Tip: For best practices about how to engage a donor who hasn't given in the past 12 months, see Donor Attrition.

  • Frequency — How often does the donor give to your organization? Donors who give frequently have more interest in your organization and are more likely to donate again than those who give infrequently or occasionally.

  • Monetary value — How much does the donor give to your organization? Donors who give larger gifts are more likely to donate again (and more frequently) than those who give smaller amounts.

Tip: RFM analysis can help predict who's more likely to respond to an appeal so you can focus on them, but don't fatigue high-ranking donors with too many asks. Similarly, don't neglect your lower ranked donors; rather, identify who to cultivate for increased giving.

For information about how to view and analyze a constituent's full giving history, see Constituent Giving.