SMS phone numbers

Note: You need to be an Administrator in Blackbaud Guided Fundraising to access the SMS Phone Numbers page.

Before you can send text messages through Guided Fundraising, you need to select the phone numbers that will be used for sending messages. There is a large pool of available phone numbers to choose from, so you can select ones that match closely to your organization's main phone number. Guided Fundraising uses regular 10 digit phone numbers for sending text messages, to encourage response and conversation from prospects. Since carriers impose limits on how many messages can be sent by a single 10 digit number, you are able to select a pool of numbers Guided Fundraising will use for sending text messages. You need to select these numbers before you can start sending text messages in Guided Fundraising.

How the Phone Number Pool Works

The first time a constituent is messaged, they are "assigned" to a phone number in the pool. This means that once a constituent is messaged for the first time, all future messages to that constituent will come from the same phone number. As new assignments are made, the assignments rotate through the different phone numbers in the pool, so different constituents will be assigned to different phone numbers.

How Many Phone Numbers Can I Select?

The number of phone numbers you can select is equal to the number of concurrent user licenses in your subscription. On the SMS Phone Numbers page you'll see a summary of how many phone numbers you've selected, and how many you're allowed to select for your organization.

Select your SMS Numbers

To select your SMS number, navigate to Admin > Phone Settings > Numbers. Then, click Add SMS Number

Enter a number in the search field to get a list of available numbers. The search will return all available numbers beginning with the numbers you entered. For example, if the main number for your organization is 651-3xx-xxxx, you could type 6513 in the search to find numbers similar to yours. Depending on the numbers available, you may need to adjust your search or expand to nearby area codes to find an available number.