Actions track the interactions and tasks required to cultivate relationships with — and secure gifts from — constituents. For example, you can record a conversation with a constituent and add another interaction to further the relationship. You can also save actions to plan and track tasks to cultivate the relationship, such as to analyze their wealth screening or identify who can help with introductions. To track details about an action, you can save notes or attach a contact report or related documentation.

Tip: An action's category helps indicate its channel or intent. To further describe tasks and interactions, your organization may also set up action types. For information, see Action Categories and Types.

Tip: Admins! In the database view, you can provide users with rights to manage actions. On the security group in Admin, Security, select Records, Options, and choose their privilges for Constituents and Actions (Constituents) record types.

Note: For information about how to edit or delete an action, see Action Records.

To help foster relationships, you can view and manage actions for constituents or opportunities from their records or in lists. To open the record of an action, select its category and type in a list or the record of its constituent or opportunity. For more information, see Action Records.