Unassigned Constituents

Fundraisers can interact with constituents and prospects on behalf of your organization to help cultivate relationships and gifts. To easily identify which active constituents aren't assigned to a fundraiser, select Fundraising, Work, Unassigned . From this constituent list, you can determine who would best cultivate each relationship — based on details such as wealth rating, address, and milestone giving — and assign them to fundraiser based on those informed decisions.

  • To create an assignment, select Assign fundraiser from the constituent's menu .

  • To assign multiple relationships to a fundraiser, select the constituents and then select Assign fundraiser.

Tip: When you choose who should manage a constituent relationship, there are several considerations that help make an informed decision. For information, see Assignment Best Practices.

To help decide who to assign each relationship, filter the list and choose columns to include specific constituents and information. For details, see Lists.

Tip: Admins! For information about how to enable people to use the Unassigned list, see Fundraising Work Center Rights.

For more information about how to assign constituents to fundraiser, see Fundraiser Assignments.

Note: The Unassigned list may include constituents you can't manage due to record security restrictions such as constituent code. For more information, see Record Security.