New Constituent Records from JustGiving

When the JustGiving integration is enabled, new constituent records are created or matched on existing records in Raiser's Edge NXT for both: fundraisers who created JustGiving pages, and donors who gave to JustGiving pages (including those who gave through guest checkout). To avoid creating duplicate records, the integration uses First name, Last name, and Email to search for an existing record. If it finds an exact match for the person’s last name and email, and a match for their first or nickname, it updates their existing record with details about their JustGiving fundraising page or gift. If no match is found, a new constituent record is created.

Note: Currently, the criteria the integration uses to match existing constituent records isn't available to edit. For more information, see Automatic Constituent Matching.

Note: The fundraiser's address only synchronizes to Raiser's Edge NXT if a default address type is set under Default Settings. For more information, see Default Settings for the JustGiving Integration

On the new (or matched) constituent record, the email type and constituent code are added (or updated) based on your configuration from Settings, JustGiving Integration, Default settings. For more information, see Default Settings for the JustGiving Integration.

On the constituent record, you can view additional details that synchronized from JustGiving.