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Percentage of their constituents’ email addresses the average nonprofit is missing[10]

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Average nonprofit emails sent per subscriber in 2018[4]

Email Churn


Average percentage of nonprofit email list churn in 2017[4]

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7.2 billion

Projected number of smartphone users by 2023[11]

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Percentage increase in conversion rates for responsive websites and donation forms[12]

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Percentage of online donations that are made on mobile devices[3]

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Percentage of donors who give from an email on a mobile device[13]

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Percentage of event registrants who sign up from an email on a mobile device[13]

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Percentage of nonprofits donation landing pages that are not optimized for mobile[5]

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$8 billion

Opportunity to increase annual workplace, point of sale, and donor-advised fund giving[6]

Email is still a key tool for nonprofit communications. On average, nonprofits sent 59 emails per subscriber in 2018. Over the past couple of years, email list churn has held around 10% overall, with a combination of unsubscribes and bad addresses. Churn goes up and down throughout the year, but the highest spike throughout the year is in December. Click here for a full description of the section.