Donation Forms

Donation forms are essential for collecting gifts from donors on your organization's website. When creating donation forms, configure the forms with gift amounts you choose and design an email thank you to be sent to donors once their donation is made. You can design your donation forms for specific purposes, such as Giving Tuesday or an end of the year fundraiser.

To help you track gifts and build relationships with donors who give through a donation form, the form checks whether the donor has an existing record. It uses first name, last name, and email address on the donation form to find a match. If it finds an exact match on last name and email, and a match for first name or nickname, it associates their gift with their existing constituent record. For more information, see Automatic Constituent Matching.

From Tools, Donation form designer, you can create, edit, delete, and view the performance for all donation forms.

From Tools, Donation form designer, select Add form to begin creating your organization's donation form.

Under Forms, track the amount raised, number of transactions and visits, per donation form.

  • To edit or delete a donation form use the menu Edit and delete menu of the form.

  • To review performance details for a donation form, select the form name. For more information, see Donation Form Details.